For health of Kansas mothers and babies, a focus on 1,000 crucial days (Kansas Reflector, August 26, 2021)

Each year in Kansas, over 35,000 babies will be born. 35,000 women will give birth. 35,000 families will do their best to ensure that their baby grows into a socially, emotionally, and physically healthy child who is confident, empathetic, and ready for school and life. This will be easier for some families than for others. 

We are building a movement in Kansas to change that. We will reset systems so all families have the same opportunities to grow and thrive. Our focus is on the first 1,000 days between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s 2nd birthday. This period sets the foundation for all the days that follow. 

By making sure all Kansas families have access to supports—including mental and physical health services, high-quality child care, paid leave, financial security, and support networks, regardless of their skin color, gender, or life experiences—we can strengthen our communities and live up to our promise as a state. Join us so all Kansas children and their families are able to reach the stars! KS state motto is “ad astra per aspera” – to the stars through difficulties

First 1,000 Days Kansas is modeled after the award-winning 1,000 Days.